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  • What should you consider when fitting bike shoes? A few tips to getting the best fit on your next pair of bike shoes.

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  • Read articles here on bike shoes and bike pedals.

  • I need new cycling shoes but what type of sole material is suitable for my riding style and should I go with a carbon sole cycling shoe, entry level plastic or composite. Read on for the full scoop.

  • Read on for the lowdown on which clipless mtb pedal systems are available on the market today and some pros and cons of each.

  • The majority of clipless pedals come in one of these variants: Shimano, Look, Crank Bros, Speedplay and TIME. Each of these systems operates with it's own pedal/cleat design that is explained here.

  • Clipless road pedal systems come in one of four variations and all include a cleat protruding from the sole of the bike shoe. Read on for the specifics.

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  • This page contains a listing of cycling shoe manufacturers by brand and product line.

  • Your complete guide to the world of cycling shoes and clipless pedals. Make an informed buying decision for your next set of bike shoes or pedals.

  • Ride clipless pedals with confidence in no time with our 10 tips on how to ride with clipless bike pedals.

  • Look Quartz Pedal Review– What you need to know about the Look Quartz MTB pedal.

  • A brief background on clipless pedal systems from Cinelli to Look, and Shimano.

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  • Read reviews for the ins and outs of bike shoes and pedals.

  • Shimano XTR/XT SPD Pedal Review– What you need to know about Shimano XC SPD mountain bike pedals.

  • Picking the best pair of cycling shoes for your needs can be tricky business. Generally the categories are road, mountain bike(mtb), triathlon, downhill, urban, touring, and track.

  • Find great deals on bike gear including mountain bike shoes, road bike shoes, pedals, cleats and more.

  • Sidi is at the forefront of cycling shoe technology and is tops in performance, comfort and durability. Get the details on Sidi technology and features.

  • Sidi Dominator 5 Review– What you need to know about the Sidi Dominator 5 mtb shoe.

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  • What are clipless cycling shoes and why are they called clipless if they are clipped onto a pedal? The name refers to the days when feet were secured to pedals by metal 'toe clips' wrapped over the top of your foot and fastened by a strap.

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