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Shimano SPD PD–M970 and PD-M980 Series Pedals  – What is it all about? 
Ok, I know I am a little late to the party on this one. The good thing is that the core clipless mechanism of all these pedals is the same. Except for the BMX platform pedals, SPD is SPD. Period. The evolution from model year to model year of all these pedal ranges is more design evolution than a radical overhaul in function and compatibility. So I figure a hybrid review of a slightly older design plus the skinny on the new design will incorporate just about everything you need to know.

Look Quartz MTB Pedal – What is it all about? 
In 2009, Look released the current version of their Quartz pedal line designed for MTB and cyclocross riding with upgraded steel bars to fix premature release problems. The pedals come in three flavors – top of the line Titanium, Carbon, and Quartz. The Ti model features a carbon body and titanium axle weighing in at a svelte 120 grams per pedal...

SIDI DOMINATOR 5 MTB Shoe– What is it all about? 
The SIDI Dominator 5 is Sidi’s best selling mountain bike shoe and for good reason. The shoe features the Caliper Buckle two way ratchet system and high security Velcro closures for no slip. The uppers are constructed of breathable and supple Lorica microfiber interspersed with mesh cooling panels. The Soft Instep closure system and padded tongue...

 Bike Shoes and Pedals