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How to Ride with Clipless Bike Pedals

Tip #8: Unclip early as you approach intersections.

While your brain adjusts to the new twisting motion, be conscious you are riding clipless pedals and release your foot early when coming to an intersection. Just roll in easy for a stress free stop. Don't try to copy the guy in front of you doing a trackstand unless you are super confident you can unclip from both sides pronto if you have to.

Tip #9: If you start to topple, don't fling your arm out to break your fall.

Seriously though the only thing that will most likely be doing the breaking is the arm you have instinctively thrust out trying to break your fall. Falling over is really not that bad. Trust me on this one, I have fallen numerous times and never broken anything. What is almost certain is that you will fall at some point.

As you start to go down just maintain hands on the bars, keep your elbows tucked in and rotate slightly away from the fall direction. Relax, it is not that far down! Your bike will lay over nice and easy and your pedal and crank will prevent the weight of the bike from resting on your leg. 

By rotating away from the direction of fall you will impact the meaty section (glutes) of your butt which provides a lot more padding than your hip bone to the outside. Unclip your shoe from the free pedal if it didn't unclip in the fall, swing your leg over the back of the bike, unclip your lower shoe and that's it. You just survived your first fall and the only thing slightly bruised is your ego! However the peals of laughter from your riding partners may be a different story.

Tip #10: Make your first rides in no traffic or low traffic zones.

For your first forays off the grass try to find a nice paved path that runs along a grassy area. Practice riding along slowly, stopping and unclipping. If you fall it will be onto soft grass rather than pavement. Avoid gravel if you can and wear gloves—fingered or fingerless. They will provide padding and protection from gravel and other debris if you decide to take a closer look at the tarmac.

Move to a road with little traffic and ride with confidence. Know that with a simple twist you are out.  Remind yourself of that and enjoy the newfound efficiency and control you have with your feet firmly attached to the pedals. In no time you will wonder how you ever rode without your clipless pedals.

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