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What are Clipless Cycling Shoes?
The term clipless cycling shoes seems backward as these cycling shoes do indeed clip into pedals to keep your foot securely fastened. The name refers to the days when feet were secured to pedals by metal 'toe clips' that wrapped over the top of your foot and were fastened by a strap.

The Sole Decision– Should I Go with a Carbon, Composite or Plastic Bike Shoe?
Ok, bad puns aside, an important question you should ask yourself before buying new bike shoes is what type of sole material is suitable for my riding style and should I go with a carbon bike shoe or not. It can be confusing wading through the marketing hype to decide on entry level plastic, composite, or a higher end carbon sole bike shoe. Full carbon is really sexy I will admit, but is the bling worth the extra cash that may be better used to pay the rent?

How to Ride with Clipless Pedals
You may have heard horror stories of people riding with clipless shoes and pedals falling at intersections, breaking and spraining various body parts, and generally toppling over at inopportune times when they can't get their foot released from the pedal quickly enough.
Have no fear. It's really not that difficult and with a few hours of practice you will be riding with confidence. The principles of clipping in and out are the same whether you are riding a road or mtb style shoe and cleat. Here are my top 10 tips to get you riding and unclipping like a pro in no time.

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